Видеоролик "Вдохновение"


Comments and offers

Quite an event was the visit of the president of Kazakhstan to the residence of the painter. The president appraised the paintings of the artist. The favorite places of the presidents homeland were pictured in 22 paintings according to his personal request. Those paintings became the property of the president's Gallery. 

The note on the other side on the painting is "To Stepanovs family! I admire looking at your paintings. Wish you all the best and every success, good health and happiness. N.Nazarbaev."

One of his pictures the artist presnted to the president of Panama while being their with his personal exhibition. The president placed this picture in National Culture Museum where the only landscape picture ever put there was the Picasso painting. 

The note on the book by Jose Franco the poet, artist and the director of the Institute of the National Culture of Panama "To Anatoly Stepanov to commemorate my appreciation for the painting and my personal admiration to him as a great artist. Jose Franco. Panama. December 1996"

... ...

One more book by Jose Franco with a gift note.


A well-known artist of Panama Navarro Vives publicly nominated Stepanov to be the best artist on this exhibition. Here is the book by Navarro Vives with a gift note.


Offer to organize the exhibition in Panama: "...It's a great honour for us to invite you to show your paintings in our Gallery in the nearest time..."

Stepanov introduces to public the gallery of paintings that have not found their buyers yet and accepts the offers on cooperation. 

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